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With praying hands I face the sun, feeling love and joy in my heart. I stretch up towards its light trying to reach the greatest heights and again surrender. I stand tall as I remember the true sun is within me.

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Yoga flow XL - Handstand and other inversions
zaterdag 26 januari - 11:00-13:00 

After a serious rotator cuff tear, and an operation to put my shoulder back together with metal pins I was determined to learn handstand.(the medics said it would never happen!)
After practicing weekly for a couple of years, I finally could handstand without a wall in my 50th year. Did i become a better person? Of course not, but I sure learned how to treat injury with respect and, through consistent yoga and physiotherapy, how to balance my muscular and organic energy. I'm excited to share this practice because we really need our core muscles to be strong enough to give stability to and support movement in our pelvis and spine.

Join me for this core and handstand flow which will fire you up and increase your strength and your confidence. The practice will include core work, flow, specific shoulder strengtheners,heart stretchers, and of course handstand.

Yoga XL lessons cost:
2 strips for Sunshine members - €32.50 for guests.

To book please deposit the amount with the name of the workshop into
account NL93 INGB 0002 1388 45 - Sunshine yoga - Den Haag.
Then book your place using your online profile. Your place is then secure.

Booked yoga XL lessons can only be cancelled online
up to 2 hours before starting time without costs.
Any other cancellations will be charged.

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