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“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”

Meister Eckhardt

Immune system booster week


Tuesday 23rd of October - Sunday 28th of October

Starting on the 23rd of October, I will teach a special immune system yoga 9 times throughout the week. Feel free to book 1/2/3 or more lessons; yoginis choice. A lesson where the lymphatic and nervous systems, stress-release and an Immune system-strengthening mantra will be on the menu.
"Prevention is better than cure” they say and when it comes to giving our immune system some love and attention, nothing is more true..
With a combination of darker nights, busier schedules and a general sense of life speeding up and taking over, this is the time that our bodies are working overtime to keep us healthy.
So why not help your immune system out and gift yourself with a week where you commit to some early nights, health boosting nutrition, and more yoga with specific yoga kriyas for disease prevention and extra meditation and pranayama.

Take a look at my timetable and book however many lessons you want and treat yourself to some powerful kundalini yoga. I am sure I don't need to mention why a boost for our immune system is necessary before the winter arrives right?
  • I have programmed 9 lessons throughout the week at different times and an XL on the Sunday, so that everybody can choose when they want to do 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or more lessons.
  • You can use your current card to pay for these lessons or if it works out cheaper (depending on your card.) Prices are below.

This workshop costs :
1 lesson €15.00
2 lesson €26.50
3 lesson €37.50
4 lesson €45.00
5 lesson €52.50

To book please deposit the amount with the name of the workshop into
account NL93 INGB 0002 1388 45 - Sunshine yoga - Den Haag.
Then book your place using your online profile. Your place is then secure.

Booked workshops can only be cancelled online
up to 24 hours before starting time without costs.
Any other cancellations will be charged.

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