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The mind is the master of the senses
while the breath is the master of the mind.

B.K. Iyengar

Workshops & Events 

My first ever SUNDAY NIGHT CLASS, figuring that after our Easter breakfast, this is maybe just what we need.
"Twist and chant"..... a lesson in letting go and lightening up.
Not a lower plank in sight and no vinyasa, just twisting from one side to the other, bringing openness and space into the spine (amongst other things!) Restorative, supine twists and a sound-scape of "sing-a-long" mantra...

"You know you twist your little girl, (twist, little girl)
You know you twist so fine. (twist so fine)
Come on and twist a little closer, now, (twist a little closer)
And let me know that you're mine. (let me know you're mine)

A yoga XL is a two hour lesson, where the extra time is utilized for delving deeper into a particular theme depending on the kind of XL it is.

Yoga XL lessons cost:
2 strips for Sunshine members - €32.50 for guests.

To book please deposit the amount with the name of the workshop into
account NL93 INGB 0002 1388 45 - Sunshine yoga - Den Haag.
Then book your place using your online profile. Your place is then secure.

Booked yoga XL lessons can only be cancelled online
up to 2 hours before starting time without costs.
Any other cancellations will be charged.

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