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The FIRST EVER Yoga blend lesson at Sunshine yoga
zondag 16 september - 09:30-10:35 

Iam excited! With a long career in the fitness industry, it's surprising that it has taken me so long to create a lesson which BLENDS circuit training moves with yoga. Today is the day!! I have just scheduled my brand new type of lesson which I will teach in the autumn and maybe the winter: YOGA BLEND!

"Why?" I hear you ask! Well let's just say the older I get the more I need to up the mark when it comes to getting my bones stronger and my cardiovascular and muscular system more resilient.
I admire those who choose and stick to the same practice every day, week in week out, yet I still believe that changing the practice with the seasons works best for me. Autumn is a time when I buckle down and actually find rest in "doing" more yoga.


Cross training circuit sessions and yoga have some similarities. In this lesson we don't need to choose. The lesson will start with surya namaskar variations and continue with a series of challenging asana moves. This yoga workout which will be challenging yet accessible and will include a combination of dynamic plank variations, jumping jacks, squats, pikesbalances etc. Create space, strengthen your core and power up!
It's such a great way to increase discipline, agility and strength on all levels of being, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. TAPAS indeed!! Oh yes and get ready to sweat!
  • I will teach this lesson at 09:30 every Sunday - The yoga chill will move to 11:00.
  • When I am teaching an all day course the yoga blend will move to Saturday at 11:00.
  • I hope you can join me for this, my very first yoga blend lesson on the 16th of September at 09:30.

This workshop is level 1/2,
so not suitable for absolute beginners.

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