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“The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others.”

Carl Jung

Yoga and Massage 

Teodora Cheta

Our bodies have stories to tell and lessons to teach us ...

Receiving a massage creates a safe space for us to listen and maybe even get some answers, but the journey of the mind into the body is not always a walk in the forest. We might encounter resistance, discomfort and sometimes even old wounds, and yet, if we can manage to accept and bring our awareness into all the body has to share, we can find our way back home into our own skin.

Thai massage offers a way to gently help the mind come back into the body and listen to what it has to say, a way to move and be moved into awareness. It combines muscle stretching, joint opening, fascia release, internal organs massage, acupressure and breathing, all aiming to work on different layers of the physical, mental and emotional bodies, creating more space and ease inside.

My particular approach to Thai massage balances the right amount of pressure with the right amount of movement to allow the body to soften and relax. With added techniques, such as rhythmic elements from osteopathy, special pressure points from reflexology and energy work through reiki, we try to tap into the wisdom of the body.

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Massage types: Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Oil Massage, Thai Foot Reflexology

Massage rates

30 minutes €45.00
60 minutes €65.00
90 minutes €95.00