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I learnt about silence from people who talked too much.

Kahlil Gibran

Yoga XL 


Ayoga XL is a two hour lesson, where the extra time is utilized for delving deeper into a particular theme depending on the kind of XL it is.
I teach several different types of YOGA XL classes:
  • yoga balance XL will have elements of both dynamic and quieter yoga
  • yoga flow XL will be inspired by vinyasa and other active types of yoga
  • yoga chill XL will have a double dose of relaxation and calm
  • yoga basic XL will be geared for beginners
  • yin yang XL is a best of both world lesson for energy and relaxation
  • yin yoga XL will focus on long-held posture and mindful yoga

Yoga XL lessons cost:
2 strips for Sunshine members - €32.50 for guests.

To book please deposit the amount with the name of the workshop into
account NL93 INGB 0002 1388 45 - Sunshine yoga - Den Haag.
Then book your place using your online profile. Your place is then secure.

Booked yoga XL lessons can only be cancelled online
up to 4 hours before starting time without costs.
Any other cancellations will be charged.