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Its this love
that holds
everything together.
And its the everything too!


Start of The Rainbow Shakti, a one year course
zondag 15 september - 10:30-16:30 

When the holidays are over and the new year arrives we are often left exhausted and overwhelmed at worst and feeling tired with a need to chill at best.
My winter urban retreat will be an invitation to join 14 like minded souls, as we practice soothing GAYATRI mantra, relaxing massage, yoga nidra, replenishing movement, yin yoga and lots and lots of kindness. It will be an opportunity to collect yourself, reboot and enjoy a calm setting for the weekend.

The beauty of this retreat is that it is close to home, and will be held at Sunshine yoga studio, so the only real travelling to be done will be inward.

This workshop costs €72.50 or 6 strips.

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