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The very sense of why its so difficult to fit yoga into our lives is the reason why we need to do it!

Rod Stryker

TAPAS - a yoga challenge
to get your bum on the mat more


Thursday the 13th of February - Sunday the 16th of February

Getting out of bed early once in winter is a challenge, never mind 4 times!
I wanted to recognize this by making this seasons early morning challenge a little bit different than usual:
Usually you book for all 4 days. In this Tapas challenge I invite you to choose whether you want to come once, twice or more and then book your lessons on-line. If you want to do all 4 lessons (6 hours in total) I will give you a discount when I see your booking.
Starting on Thursday 13th of February until Sunday 16th, we will challenge ourselves and commit to 1/2/3/4 days of early morning lessons. A kick start for our practice in the winter, cultivating, resilience warmth and light as the season is cold and dark!

Tapas has nothing to do with food but with discipline and dedication to our maintenance and self-study. There is no better ways to study the self than to set an intention (4 days of practice) and observe what the mind does with it!! It’s fascinating and is a gateway into knowing who we are ... and are not!!

Want to join me for this XL challenge?

This workshop costs
€18.50 on Thursday and Friday
€32.50 for the XLs on Saturday and Sunday
or €57,50 for all four lessons.

To book please press the button above, or go here.
(Make sure you have credits on your account or buy credits while booking.)
Your place is then secure.

Booked workshops can only be cancelled online
up to 24 hours before starting time without costs.
(Make sure you are logged in on our website to proceed.)
Any other cancellations will be charged.

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