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Every moment is a golden one for he who has the vision to recognise it.

Henry Miller

Types of lessons 

At Sunshine yoga we are happy to celebrate the diversity of certain yoga styles:


Formally known as hatha yoga, a lesson where a balance is sought between strength and flexibility, effort and relaxation.
The class theme takes into consideration the time of day and the season in which we practice. Posture variations are offered so that both beginning and advanced students can work together at a suitable level.


Whether you are just starting up with yoga, you have an injury or you are just in the mood for a no-nonsense, no-acrobatics kind of lesson, then this lesson will be just your cup of tea.
An un-complicated session where the pace is slow and safety is paramount.


Cross training circuit sessions and yoga have some similarities. In this lesson we don't need to choose. The lesson will start with surya namaskar variations and continue with a series of challenging asana moves.
This yoga workout which will be challenging yet accessible and will include a combination of dynamic plank variations, jumping jacks, squats, pikesbalances etc.
Create space, strengthen your core and power up!


Alesson where we slow down and move easily through yin and restorative postures. Attention will also be paid to meditation and relaxation techniques and mantra will be a regular practice.


Adynamic lesson, offering both vinyasa flow and core-based movement. We will investigate our boundaries as we create both strength and flexibility, confidence and body awareness.


Yin yoga is a lesson filled with long held posture where the intention is to lubricate and soften the fascia whilst training the mind to "stay home". Body and mind combined.


Mantra yoga is a monthly lesson where each session focuses on particular heart qualities, deities and moods.
Mantra yoga is "accessible-to-all" and chanting is of course central. After a short warm up designed to make your "seat" more comfortable and the mind more turned inwards, we will delve into an hour long practice of mantra, concentration and relaxation.
Do you love singing? (Even if you think you can't!)
Are you curious about mantra and its effects? Feel welcome to join me for this joyful, soulful, bhakti practice.


Something special always happens when we create a women's circle, when we see each other, let our hair down, move and are moved together, sing as one and play around. When we let our bellies hang, share stories, and let Shakti in (or out).
This 120 minute lesson will honour and celebrate our divine feminine energy and will include pranayama, restorative long held seated and supine asana and a loving mix of mantra, massage, movement and meditation.