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Body and soul are not two substances but one. They are man becoming aware of himself in two different ways.

C.F. von Weizsacker

Our online lessons 

Hello Sunshine yogis and friends,

It has become clear that our "solace-retreat" is extended at least until the 28th of April. This means that on-line yoga will be the only option until then, so I am sure that we are determined to make the best of it.
Now that I have faced my demon of first time teaching on-line and I have taught for a week already, I am excited that we can join each other for this live and totally new experience!

I am confident that we can all come through this with an attitude of, dare I mention my year theme again: GRIT, GRACE, & GRATITUDE!! I am so proud of everybody especially those like me who are dinosaurs when it comes to computer technology.

About your class credits: I am now selling on-line yoga cards which are cheaper than using your studio strips, because so many of you have expressed a desire to do more yoga. If you purchase one I will put your other card on hold!
I am offering 10 x for €90.- and unlimited yoga for €100.- per month. If you decide not to participate on line, you have two choices, either your card will be extended for the time it was closed, or I can send you links to on-line class recordings of your choice (flow, yin, chill or balance) so you can choose whenever you want to play the class back.

If you want to join us on-line please make sure you have credits first then join the private Facebook group called Sunshine Soul-JAH’s, the platform for our on-line lessons. Here I teach through a live-stream and though I can’t see you we have already experienced that it’s a powerful and connecting tool, a support during these mad-dog-days!! I also share playlists, poems, silliness etc, etc.
You will find instructions on how to proceed when you open the Facebook group-page. Always book your lesson first through your FitManager profile. Lessons can be booked and cancelled right up to starting time!

click below to go to Sunshine Soul-JAH’s

This week I will teach 10 varied lessons so there is something for everybody and it will also give me lots of practice teaching! I have also added two 30 minute calming pranayama and meditation sessions, anticipating that most people’s nervous systems need some hard-core attention. These sessions can be paid for in online shop (€5.-)

Next week I will add an early morning session (07:00) and two special workshops, so we can get into some more in-depth yoga. Stay safe and keep smiling; it’s great for the immune system.

Feel free to ring or e-mail me if you have enquiries or you just need a chat.

All love,