Sunshine yoga, feel the joy within

Wolfhezestraat 50
2573 NX   Den Haag
06 - 5201 5097

If I am only happy for myself, many fewer chances for happiness.
If I am happy when good things happen to other people, billions more chances to be happy!

Dalai Lama

2 weeks for free 

This is an invitation to join me for two weeks of unlimited yoga for free, no strings attached…
But be careful you may like yoga enough that you stick around!! Come and enjoy some yoga at Sunshine!

Click on the link below and "buy" this free 2 week pass.

Great that you want to join me on the mat soon! I look forward to meeting you and feel free to e-mail me if you have any enquiries or you need to let me know of any injuries you may have.
For your information when your pass has finished: Hopefully you will enjoy your lessons enough to want to continue your yoga practice at Sunshine yoga when your two weeks has expired.

To encourage this I offer 2 options:

  • a 5 class pass for €50.- with a 5 week expiry date
  • a 20% discount on any class card, challenges or XL lessons, including year memberships. Use discount code SUNNY20% when you purchase.

And just so you know:

  • I am totally inspired by the teachings of Tantra and Buddhism, so my lessons will always include both embodiment and meditation practices.
  • My lessons are based on the rhythms and seasons of the year (Ayurveda) which means that the content and themes of my teachings change based on what needs to be cultivated throughout the year.
  • I am passionate about teaching individuals within a group setting and offer alternatives when necessary, so let me know if you have injuries that may need care during class.
You can find more information about the content of my lessons in my weekly notes on facebook page Sunshine yoga D.H. (Feel free to follow this page too if you are interested!)
  • I teach from Wednesday to Sunday 46 weeks a year.
  • My terms and conditions can be found here.
  • If you have any further enquiries e-mail me.