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May your walls know joy; may every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility.

Maryanne Radmacher-Hershey

The Rainbow Shakti, a course in self-in-volvement 

A course of 7 x 7 hour Sundays, every 7 weeks from 10:00 - 17:00

What you seek is seeking you
There is nothing more exciting than getting to know our “true Self”
As we know from our class experiences, one of the best ways to gain knowledge about ourselves is through the practice of yoga, yet often a lack of “yogic tools” mean that our home practice is slow, uninspired or non-existant.
This course has been designed to ignite your home practice and inspire you to incorporate more yoga into your daily life, to live from the heart and recognise the Goddess within.

A course of 7 x 7 hour sessions, every 7 weeks from September 2020 until June 2021, intentionally spread out to give you the time to absorb and practice the content of the teachings.
In each session we will practice a particular mantra, flow and meditation, pertaining to one of the chakras, one of the elements and one of the Hindu Goddesses. We will learn about the workings and philosophy of our chakra system, the elements and the many faces of Shakti.
Each course day will be accompanied by a playlist, self-exploratory exercises and suggestions for embodiment. An on-line circle of fellow students will support your practice.

This course will include:

  1. 7 days of circle teaching
  2. playlists on spotify for mantra and movement practice
  3. group support with facebook group/page

  • The dates are all Sundays:
    September 13th - November 1st - December 20th - February 7th - March 28th - May 16th and June 27th.
    All lessons are from 10:00-17:00.
  • There is limited space, so book in time.

For more info or enquiries write to me at
or give me a ring on 06 520 150 97.

This is what the last years participants had to say about the course:

I  did this course thinking it was teaching me yoga, how to do more yoga movements at home etc. I was so wrong?? It taught me so much more, yes there was yoga, but it was much more about how to use ancient wisdom about Goddesses in our daily lives, sharing our experiences with other supportive women, dance your heart out and whole, learn about mantras, have a soft place to fall and rest and learn about yourself through the reflection of others.

Jacqui's course is the best gift I have given to myself this year. Every class is magical in a different way. I learned a lot about myself and about yoga.

I signed up for this course because of something Jacqui told me in passing on the street. I have known Jacqui for years. I am not exactly a regular attendant at Sunshine but I have always enjoyed her classes when I have made time for them. But I am in the middle of a huge life transition right now and what she told me on the street that day struck a deep chord. I decided to sign up for the course and to learn more. This is not what you might expect from yoga, but it may be what you need. Jacqui reminded me why the art of storytelling is so powerful, and make no mistake, Jacqui is a master storyteller. She helps you find your connection to timeless narratives and at the same time question the narrative you have crafted for yourself and whether it still fits. Everyone I have met in this course is asking themselves the same questions: Am I where I belong? Am I happy? How do I embrace change in my life, both good and bad? Part asana instruction, part mantra and meditation, part exercise, part group therapy .. .this course is a lot of things. And if you are open to it, it can be a life-changing experience that you never forget. I know I won't.

T  he Rainbow Shakti Course to me can be summed up into one word (ok maybe 2): CONNECTION & ACCEPTATION connection with yourself, with ALL of yourself even those "ugly" parts that you like to keep hidden but instead of chastising, ACCEPT and know that it's (more than ok) to be you.
Through Jacqui's wonderful, down-to-earth and extremely knowledgeable teachings I've learned (and still continue to...) to connect, accept and love myself. Thank you. I truly feel this is a gift that I've given myself to help and support my transformation process. Every time I look forward to meeting with this group of amazingly, loving ladies for a day of connection, acceptation, fun, laughter and trust. Ok I must stop now. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Rainbow Shakti Course.

I run my own group coaching trainings but this is where I get some of my fuel, power, inspiration and more. A wonderful group of women led by the charismatic, emphatic and wise Jacqui. I'll be there again for the next round.

Many people have asked me why am I doing it twice? Well, even when the concept is the same, each course or lesson at Sunshine is unique. If you are looking for authentic human connections ... this is a tailored place.

This is what participants of the 2017-2018 course had to say about the course:

Here are a few promises I dare to make. You will feel loved. You might cry. You will laugh your pants off. You will feel over the moon. You will sleep like a baby. And you will feel special. You will gloom... And you will never be the same again.

Learning to talk about emotions that hurt was one of my biggest struggles, but when I started doing it, I immediately noticed it made me lighter and happier.

W hat I love about Jacqui's teachings is that they are not limited to the realms of the mind, but travel within and throughout the body, integrating emotional and psychosomatic intelligence which brings us closer to the true purpose of yoga, union with everything that is, no judgement, no preference, no discrimination.

Paradoxically, this is a “perfect” circle to meet our “imperfections” without judgment or blame. It is a gentle shelter (sharanam) to explore our boundless centre. This is also what Sunshine yoga means to me in general. Being a regular student for six years, I can easily witness the profound transformation that has reshaped my life for ever.

Jacqui also motivates you to get on the mat at home to move, chant, meditate or get more involved in the subject. For me it is great that I can do this in my own way and at my own tempo in a comfortable and safe environment.

I miss those Sundays where we’d come together and take the time to take care of ourselves. That’s how it felt for me, sort of like a maintenance check: how am I doing, how am I responding to that and what do I need?

At My Stupeflix Video 15 you find a visual impression of our altars last year.

The course will cost €875.-
Receive a 15% discount if booked and paid in full before the 15th of May.
Use discount code SHAKTIROCKS when purchasing in the shop.
I totally appreciate that some people aren't able to pay all at once
and that's why I offer different ways to pay:
  1. Deposit €300.- and 2 payments of €287.50 (to be determined when.)
  2. Deposit €300.- and 5 payments of €115.00 (to be determined when.)
Your place is guaranteed after payment of a deposit.